Custom Engineering For Your Business

For our clients to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, having comprehensive and proven technology is vital. At Cellula, we apply our valuable skills and experience, gained from our work with seafloor intervention and subsea robotic systems, to create a wide range of custom built designs for your organization.


Cellula specializes in the custom design and building of underwater equipment, such as ROV tools, subsea components, and more. We incorporate our proven capabilities with robotics, automation, and control systems engineering into all our projects to ensure the highest standards in both production and safety.

The Engineering Process

Throughout a project, Cellula works closely with clients to develop concepts into detailed design solutions for production, adapting the design to fit with a project’s requirements. 

1.   Requirements Analysis

To better understand your situation, Cellula collaborates with your company to develop a performance matrix, which defines the objectives, requirements and features of the ideal solution. The matrix is based on your company's needs, along with research on your concept, and it outlines conditions for success that are used in all aspects of the engineering process.

2.   Design Conceptualization

Our team, composed of experienced engineers, begins with Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies to draft conceptual designs for innovative and challenging applications.

Upon completion, we create a design proposal detailing the technical specifications of our solution, the scope of work, the scope of supply, and a work package cost breakdown for your approval.

3.   Build and production

Based on the approved proposal, we build and assemble the design in-house.

Cellula will assign a project manager to your project, who will be your primary point of contact with us.

4.   Testing

Once completed, the product goes through rigorous testing to ensure all components of the performance matrix are completed, and that the product is safe for use.

To do this, we create a detailed testing plan that outlines how to show each requirement is met. For example, Cellula may put your product through sea trials, depending on the nature of your project.

5.   Delivery, set-up, and after-sales support

When testing is completed and we can confirm the project is fully functional, the product will be delivered to your company. If agreed upon in the contract, personnel can be sent to perform set-up, training, and on-site support. 

After the product is delivered, Cellula will continue to provide after-sales and limited warranty support to ensure customer satisfaction, in accordance with the contract.



We'd love to help create robotic systems and automated solutions for you. Let us know more about your project by messaging us at or through our contact form.